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    Arma III, DayZ SA, Star Citizen, little of this, little of that….


    Hi, Charles is my real name, but mostly I’m called “Chuck” or “Ulti” by the guys in Old Blood And Guts.  I currently reside in Kentucky, outside of the military base known as “Ft. Knox”.   I am originally from Collinsville, Illinois, a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri.   I’m the married (to Kelli) father of three (Kelsey, Caitlyn and Cooper).  One dog (Petey) and one cat (Tuna) round out the household.  I started gaming during the TRS-80 days of late 1979.   I met AndrewRall in early 2000 and he has been my steadfast gaming partner in crime since then.


    I joined the U.S. Army in early 1989 via the delayed entry program.  Attending OSUT at Ft. Knox, Kentucky and graduating in December of that same year.  I went on to server with the 1st Armored Division in Bamberg, Germany.   In December of 1990 I was deployed to Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield.   After serving Germany and Iraq, I was stationed at Ft. Knox again, but this time as support staff for the Scout Commanders Certification Course, and the Junior Officer Mounted Land Navigation Course.  

    In August of 1993 I left the military to give higher education a try.   At the end of 6 months, with a new wife and child I re-entered the military and was this time stationed at Ft. Carson, Colorado.  After 5 years and 2 deployments (Cuba and UNDISCLOSED) I was assigned to the DMZ at Camp Garry Owen, South Korea.   After a total of 10 years in the army I settled again in Radcliff, Kentucky where I have lived for the last 17 years.


    I attended Belleville Area College (Illinois), studying computers, during my brief hiatus from the military in 1993.  When I left the army in 2000 I completed 2 years of study at Elizabethtown Community College (Kentucky).   My field of study has always been computer related, although I originally intended to be an Architect.


    I’ve been very lucky so far in my career to have only been unemployed for one extended period.  For the last eleven years I have worked as an information technology consultant with the same company in Louisville, Kentucky.   My everyday job includes things as mundane as virus removal and new workstations installs.  Occasionally I get to tackle larger more challenging projects like connecting 25 year old legacy systems with new, modern database structures.

    Old Blood And Guts History:My cat Tuna.jpg

    This first thing you need to understand is that I would not have ever tried to create a community like Old Blood And Guts on my own.   Only with the continued support and motivation that AndrewRall provides has this community succeeded as well as it has.

    Born from a need for a community that was actually run for it’s members, and not run to exploit them, have we succeeded so well this far.  I consider each and every person in =BG= to be a friend.  I look forward to a future in which =BG= grows organically, increasing our numbers gradually to the optimum number.
    You could say I am the Chief Cat Herder, but that wouldn’t do justice to describing the position.  Never have I seen such a diverse group of people mesh so well together.  Only my experience in the armed forces comes even close to equaling it.


    • PC Gaming (of course)

    • The occasional humorous or informative Youtube video.

    • Live Streaming the =BG= chaos.

    • I STILL read comic books, but now I read them online (LOTS CHEAPER THEN THE PAPER ONES!).

    • I used to build model train sets, but no longer have the time.

    • I build things from wood…..hence the need to collect more and more tools.

    • Believe it or not I actually program in VS.net for fun……

    • With 2 kids in college and one in grade school I don’t have much free time but when I do, I spend it with family and my friends in OLD BLOOD AND GUTS.

    With 2 kids in college and one in grade school I don’t have much free time but when I do, I spend it with family and my friends in OLD BLOOD AND GUTS.

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