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    Founder, Grand Nerd

    Games Played:

    Star Citizen, War Thunder, World of Warships, Arma III, Stellaris, Hearts of Iron4.jpg


    "Andrew" is my real first name, although I generally go by "Drew". I currently live in the western suburbs of Philadelphia, and have lived between New York and Philadelphia most of my life. My household consists of my better half (she has somehow put up with me for almost ten years now) a small army of four legged creatures, and a few large aquariums.

    I first started gaming with computers in the mid 80s with the 5.25 floppy F-15 Strike Eagle, later in the Mechwarrior universe, Earth & Beyond, Star Wars Galaxies, Eve Online and now Star Citizen.


    From a family where you are either an engineer or serve in the armed forces, I continued that tradition while attending two academies for the majority of my education. During this time, I had the privilege to meet Bob Hope, President George H.W. Bush, Walter Cronkite and General Norman Schwarzkopf. I ended my academy experience with the rank of Captain, leading an artillery battalion (E-Battery) with logistics support. Although accepted into an US Air Force pilot training program, an injury did not allow me to follow my intended path - a dream to be a pilot in the United States Air Force and eventually work for NASA.


    Beyond the academy experience, I continued my education first at Penn State. I later moved on to the University of Pennsylvania with a focus on medical. Eventually, I landed in computer science and marketing technology.


    I have had the honor to serve in a variety of executive roles including C and V level positions both in small companies and start-ups focusing on marketing and technology. Aside from my full-time roles, I have also played the part of a senior consultant for Fortune 500 companies. Vanguard (not the ship, the company), The National Football League, QVC (where I met my wife) and JP Morgan are brands I have worked for in some professional capacity. Part of my contract work (the most fun) requires me to maintain ongoing security clearance with the US DoD.

    Old Blood And Guts History:

    Sketching out our logo and brandar.jpg concept in late summer 2016 and being the first Old Blood And Guts "member", I teamed up with Ultimage (we have known each other  for seventeen years) to help build a community for mature gamers that has a focus on fun and friends. A place free of braggarts and condescending behavior, where people of all ages, races, and types have the opportunity to a fun and enjoyable experience.

    From our website build-out to our media channels, from our charter to our game division structure I have invested countless hours into this community and the systems/services behind it. A labor of love to build something from nothing for a larger audience, I enjoy having the chance to meet new friends every day and see old friends once again.

    Always armed with a healthy dose of self-depreciating humor, I am confident in being a positive influence to lead and drive success. I try to live my life in a meaningful and humble way and would do just about anything for members of the community. From personally lending a hand in a time of financial struggle to gaming friends, to support and offering personal advice when asked - my main role here at the organization is helping folks advance themselves.


    • I have quite a substantial amount of time in the air as a civilian pilot

    • At times, I create YouTube videos that serve as a sleep aid to manycorp2.jpg

    • Tons of sports cards - from Ty Cobb to Hank Aaron 

    • Amateur astronomer - I have a few rather large dobsonian telescopes

    • Over six hundred gallons of fish tank combined because I'm crazy

    • Long-time member of the Planetary Society (http://www.planetary.org/) and the Mars Society (http://www.marssociety.org/)

    • Avid taste for sailing/boating, but I don't know what the hell I'm doing 

    • I collect WW2 memorabilia of all types

    • I have participated in several civil war reenactments (Union) and I'm always in the front ranks so I die fast, my acting is horrible

    • I have built several modern combat rifles from scratch and practice on the range with old academy buddies once a month

    Occasionally I help train EMTs, first responders, and paramedics for emergency services in my area. I work with a team of senior folks to set up training scenarios for students that help them better train for emergency situations and deployment to national disasters.

    Last but not least, I also believe very strongly in donating time and resources to charitable organizations - including Philabundance, the Veterans Association, and the ASPCA.



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