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Hi, Folks:

Only a short time ago, just a few of us were sitting in a chat channel talking about what we would like to create. As we grow, it makes sense to put faces with names and to also get a better feel for who we are as individuals. After all, we are not just voices behind a microphone or shorthand comments from a keyboard. What we are is a wonderful arrangement of folks from all different kinds of backgrounds, cultures and interests. 

We are the young and the more "seasoned", the blue and white collar, students and teachers, veterans and the those looking forward to serve whatever flag they call home. But we all do have one thing in common: This community. A place where we can escape from the daily routine and spend time with people that have similar interests while creating friendships that can last a lifetime.

Participation in this effort is not a requirement for membership and I entirely understand if some folks are hesitant in sharing things about themselves online. However, if you have maintained participation here for several months in good standing - we encourage you to share your stories no matter how much you deem is appropriate. When we have enough of these extended profiles, we'll create a special section on the website for them. 

As you may expect, I have volunteered to be the first guinea pig. At the very least, feel free to make fun of me and my ridiculous wall-leaning public relations photo. :)

Hello, Member: AndrewRall



=General Community Announcement=

As most of you know, we have been expanding our ranks over the past month in accepting new applicants through our primary supported game titles. We also have been following up with other opportunities to grow as they present themselves, reviewing these items on a case by case basis. As a result of several discussions over the past week, the ranks of 9th Benjamin Regulars have applied for merger into Old Blood And Guts. After extensive discussions we have accepted them into our ranks in most humble fashion.

This means you will see a few new faces around in the coming days beyond the usual inflow of recruits, so please give our new members a friendly hello. In talks with the 9BR, we have found them to be a friendly, fun, and courteous bunch who will be an excellent addition for our organization from a culture perspective. Much like us, these folks play a variety of games including a few of the primary games we support (Star Citizen, War Thunder) at the time of this news release.

Below you will find an introduction from 9BR and some quick background regarding the new faces you may see around TS. Please give them a gracious welcome as they get on board and get adjusted!


Greetings from the 9th Benjamin Regulars, WRATH division! We are quite excited to have found such an awesome group of folks to accept us into their part of the Star Citizen 'verse. The tale of how we got here (a sordid and heart breaking journey through pirate infested backwaters) is better shared over a large cask of ale at the local pub. But rest assured that we all feel honored to have found such upstanding fellow citizens with which to toss in our lot. We are all looking forward to building the type of community that would make each of us proud to be called 'Citizen'. Our commander, Agony, and his executive officer, Fireborn (that's me!), are honored to lead as fine a group of people as can be found anywhere in the 'verse. Agony and I believe that we deliver into your care some of the best folks that you would ever want watching your six.

By way of introduction, be sure to give a warm welcome to the following members when you see them on TeamSpeak:

Agony - Our stalwart commander. His tireless commitment to find us a home and keep us together has finally been rewarded!

Fireborn - However, Agony's success means more paperwork for this author. Sigh ... I guess the beatings will continue until morale improves!

Fing - Short for 'F-ing Nerius'. A reference to some Greek god or other. He can tell you all about it. Water is involved somehow, but ironically that has nothing to do with the next guy.

Liquidation - He's only surly on the outside. Deep down he's just grumpy! Maybe because he's not related to a wet god? The world may never know.

Authmion - A more noble heart has nary been seen in these parts! Trust us. We held auditions and everything!

Kithmar - Streamer, strategic master mind. 

Kohana - Back away slowly and for the love of god do not give her sugar!

So, that's our gang of misfits. Strange people, perhaps. But not strangers. No, we are friends bonded together through strange coincidence and the crucible of life. And we bid you welcome to our family, as much as you welcome us into yours. Thank you for your openness and may you find us just as hospitable and welcoming in return!

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