Old Blood And Guts: Community Meeting

When:   July 1st, 2017 | 12:00PM - 12:30PM EDT

Where:  Discord Meeting Channel

Why:     Monthly Event

Welcome to OldBloodAndGuts

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Hello, Member: AndrewRall

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Hi, Folks:

Only a short time ago, just a few of us were sitting in a chat channel talking about what we would like to create. As we grow, it makes sense to put faces with names and to also get a better feel for who we are as individuals. After all, we are not just voices behind a microphone or shorthand comments from a keyboard. What we are is a wonderful arrangement of folks from all different kinds of backgrounds, cultures and interests. 

We are the young and the more "seasoned", the blue and white collar, students and teachers, veterans and the those looking forward to serve whatever flag they call home. But we all do have one thing in common: This community. A place where we can escape from the daily routine and spend time with people that have similar interests while creating friendships that can last a lifetime.

Participation in this effort is not a requirement for membership and I entirely understand if some folks are hesitant in sharing things about themselves online. However, if you have maintained participation here for several months in good standing - we encourage you to share your stories no matter how much you deem is appropriate. When we have enough of these extended profiles, we'll create a special section on the website for them. 

As you may expect, I have volunteered to be the first guinea pig. At the very least, feel free to make fun of me and my ridiculous wall-leaning public relations photo. :)

Hello, Member: AndrewRall


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I quite enjoyed reading through this! It's nice to put a face to the name and to learn some things about you, Drew. 

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