Old Blood And Guts: Community Meeting

When:   July 1st, 2017 | 12:00PM - 12:30PM EDT

Where:  Discord Meeting Channel

Why:     Monthly Event

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Star Citizen: Community Charter



Old Blood And Guts: Star Citizen Community Charter

In these alpha stages of game development, our primary focus is to influence and assist the process of designing/developing the Star Citizen game mechanics to create an environment where 
para-military and mercenaries can both thrive and flourish. Ultimately, we want to contribute to this wonderful project of Star Citizen in a very positive and memorable way for each of our organizational members.


The core of our organization’s leadership has five years experience of participating in the Star Citizen community, and over fifteen years experience operating as a mercenary organization in various other game titles.

Old Blood And Guts is a multi-culture gaming community, with members from all time zones, localities, and backgrounds seeking one thing: FUN! Our organization is experienced in all forms of mercenary contracts, but specialize in those that involve high-value targets. Overall, our organization can be described as professionals, internet spaceship nerds and, above all else, friends.

What sets our organization apart from the crowd in Star Citizen is our unwavering loyalty and commitment to the contract. We pride ourselves in being the most professional and readily adaptable mercenary cooperative within the expansive universe. As in other game titles, we start from humble beginnings. Through determination, strength of thought and independence, we have grown into a fined tuned instrument that will never lose the core of our roots. We believe that teamwork with the right balance of people, structure and passion to excel can truly achieve amazing things.

Through the years we have endured and advanced ourselves as individuals and also as a team. We have been at the helm through many successes and also suffered pitched defeats. We have faced many enemies and trials. We fight. We learn. We overcome. We are Old Blood And Guts.


When on duty serving a contract, all members are expected to be attentive and on-point. When off-duty, we burn our spare time doing what we love with occasional carnage. Contract or not, there is always something to do. We examine, we create, we destroy. See the universe of Star Citizen as it evolves, never knowing where your next mission will take you. From the Vanduul border to the edges of Xi’an space and beyond, you will see the galaxy from cluster to cluster and be crucial in burning it all down from time to time.


There are many mercenary organizations out there, a few alliances but just one Old Blood And Guts. A friendship of intelligent profit-seeking minds eager to make a real difference in the Star Citizen community, we look towards serving our clients in any way we can with the respect and dignity they deserve. Never will we patronize you, nor be critical of your capabilities because that is why you join us – to improve and exceed expectations of yourself. Find out what it means to be part of a close-knit community, a band of brothers and sisters that always has your back.


Our horizontal structure allows for a strong culture with forward-looking personalities, but little top-down direction and no micromanagement. Rules well applied to maximize fun and experience is the call of the day here, and we are respectful to each individual regardless of rank or title. We are an outlet for those who are looking for an escape from stress, not in creating more drama.


We are not looking for the “best pilot” or the insecure braggart eager to point at a killboard list, always ready to lecture others about their personal achievements. What we are looking for is human beings that would do anything for a friend. Human beings that would run into a burning building at great personal risk to help another. Human beings that tend to consider a situation first as opposed to using the muscles around the jaw.

Ultimately, Old Blood And Guts is a mature community with a fun attitude combined with a lethal (and proven) resolve. Individuals that genuinely enjoy Star Citizen, flying with an organized team and learning how to create dramatic explosions via internet spaceship violence.


Old Blood And Guts is built on the idea that becoming an effective mercenary force is our one true priority. Where your community brothers and sisters improve and help each other to achieve success for our clients. No idea is too crazy, no strategy too unproven. We have open minds so our clients will have open wallets.

With some of our members playing games alongside each other for over fifteen years, we welcome new faces and personalities. We know diversity makes us stronger, and we welcome like minds no matter where they are from.


Service Menu 

Old Blood And Guts conducts itself with Professionalism, Honor and Integrity.

Field Command Training & Consulting

Jump Point Quarantine

Regional Space Superiority  

System Interdiction

Offensive/Defensive Operations vs Organizations

Offensive/Defensive Operations vs Alliances

Offensive/Defensive Courier Services

Capital Engagements War & Incursion Campaigns

Strategic Planning

Tactical Implementation

“Feel Safe” 3rd Party Mediation

Security Escorts

Intelligence Gathering


Resource Denial & Capture

Pirate Sweeps & Infiltration

Equipment Procurement & Supply

Propaganda Campaigns

Client anonymity is our highest priority and will be protected in all endeavors.

Get the job done right the first time

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*Be careful though, when you write this much [^see actual charter above] people with begin to recognize the full extent of your talents!

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