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AAR for SC Event - Missile Defense Training on 05/27/2017

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Shadd    272

Game Division

Event Name
Missile Defense Training

Event Date

Event Coordinator

Who were the participants?
AndrewRall, Cireepix, FiendishDrWoo, Fireborn, Frumentarius, ITSnowman, MacTaggert, Masento, RulgarTrent, Shaddris, Vilmalith, Caliwpnz, Eurynomus, WolfishEU, Karlofsky

Description of Actions Taken
Explanation and practice of spiral in/spiral out maneuver to approach and disengage from a target
Explanation and practice of missile evasion

Special Recognition
AndrewRall for further detail on missile angle of attack

Reputations points to award per participant

Was the event a success?

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