Old Blood And Guts: Community Meeting

When:   July 1st, 2017 | 12:00PM - 12:30PM EDT

Where:  Discord Meeting Channel

Why:     Monthly Event

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AAR for SC Event - SC Evasion Training on 06/03/2017

Game Division

Event Name
SC Evasion Training

Event Date

Event Coordinator
Shadd, Wolfish

Who were the participants?
AndrewRall, caliwpnz, Cirepix, Doan, Dr.Doctor, Fireborn, Frumentarius, ItSnowman, Kell_Z, MacTaggert, qp, Shadd, Wolfish

Description of Actions Taken
2 v 1 with hunters respawning, fox tries to survive for 2-4min

Special Recognition
AndrewRall and caliwpnz for earlier testing

Reputations points to award per participant

Was the event a success?

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