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    Starting 17 July 2017, Every Monday night between 8pm EST and 9pm EST I will be giving away 5 random steam keys to =BG= Members on our Discord Server. The rules: 1. You must be a member in good standing of the organization. 2. You can't have won a prize in the last previous Monday contest (Weekly winners will be posted here in this thread). 3. You must be on Discord during the contest. 4. When the last key has been given out the contest is over for that week. If you already have the game in question in your steam library you may choose to give the key back. Arrangements will be mode to compensate you in another way if you so choose. 5. These aren't $50 games. Please don't complain about what game you get. How it works: Be on discord at 8pm EST every Monday. I will announce the game has started. The first five people that ask for a key are the winners. You better type FAST!. I will ask each person to pick a number between 1 and 5, once a number is chosen it cannot be used by another member. I will PM you on Discord with your game name and Steam Activation Key. Do not say what game you received until I give out all the keys and tell you its ok. What i want in return: All I ask for in return for these free keys is for you all to please Follow/Subscribe to the communities' Youtube/Twitch/Twitter Channels. (Links listed below) You could also follow/subscribe to my personal channels as well. (This is not required, but is really appreciated if you do) - 0ldeCrow Founding Member Links: Old Blood And Guts on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNDkFnYOJHu2gfN2qKwcOjw Old Blood And Guts on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/oldbloodguts Old Blood And Guts on Twitter: https://twitter.com/OldBloodAndGuts OldeCrow on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy-0wEPQBVo-7nunHRXWWOA OldeCrow on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/0ldecrow OldeCrow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/0ldeCrow
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    Organization Bylaws 1. Members may play any game they like, even if they a not a member of that division. No one will ever tell you you cannot play a game. 2. In the past we have required members to be on Discord at all times when playing a game we support. Currently the rule is if you are recruitting on another Discord server, or playing a game with voice support not compatible with Discord, your are exempt from this rule. 3. Non-Officers/Non-Leadership may be members of more than one division. Inform your Division CO or XO if you would like to be in more than one division. 4. When accepting an officer position in a division the member must stay in that division and position for 90 days. If the member quits that position within the 90 day period they may NOT apply to or accept an officer position in another division until the 90 day period expires. They may still request a transfer to another division, but they will no longer be an officer. This rule may be suspended when new divisions are created so that the new division can pull from the officer pool of the entire community. No more than 2 officers from other divisions should be allowed to switch to the new division. 5. You may apply for an officer position if you meet a 45 day community membership requirement. Division commanders may promote members to an officer position if they feel that the 45 day requirement is not necessary. Recruits MAY NOT be promoted to officer positions. 6. Division Commanders are the final authority on who their officers and members are. 7. The Community Administrators reserve the right to override these rules during unforeseen circumstances. 8. There is a minimum age requirement of 18 years to join our community. Community Activity Requirements 1. Members shall visit the forums, and sign in, at least once per 7 day period. 2. Members shall post a new topic or reply in a meaningful way to someone else's topic once every 14 day period. Engagement in community communications is vital to the success of it's members. 3. Members shall log into Discord and be active at least once per 7 day period. Being active encourages others to do the same. 4. Members shall participate in at least 4 scheduled events every 30 day period. These are the minimum community activity requirements. Try your best to maintain this level of activity. Exceptions will be granted if the circumstances are warrented. Real life comes first. Forum and Discord Rules 1. Bullying another community member on Discord or the forums is prohibited. 2. No posts of an abusive nature. Racist, Sexist or bigoted comments are strictly prohibited. 3. Avoid overt profanity if at all possible. 4. Posts of a racist/sexist/anything bad-ist nature will be deleted and the poster will be warned ONCE. Further bad posts will result in harsher punishments up to and including a community ban. 5. Please show respect to your fellow community members, forum moderators and community admins please. Everyone is here becuase they want to be. 6. (Discord) Do not spam channels with music or other loud noise. 7. (Discord) Please use Push-to-talk (PTT) at ALL TIMES. Persons with physical disabilities are exempt from this rule. 8. (Discord) When ever you hear "BREAK BREAK BREAK" on Discord immediately cease broadcasting and wait for further instructions or information.
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    Most of our core features are back up, folks... tons more to do but we are getting there. Thanks for the patience!
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    This is awesome! Thanks for doing it!
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