Old Blood And Guts: Community Meeting

When:   July 1st, 2017 | 12:00PM - 12:30PM EDT

Where:  Discord Meeting Channel

Why:     Monthly Event

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  • Member Profile


    MacTaggert “Mac”


    Star Citizen Admiral of the Fleet, CO of the Admiralty

    Games Played:

    Star Citizen, War Thunder, World of Warships, Arma III, Stellaris, Hearts of Iron, Total War Series, Warfram, The Division, World of Warcraft, Star Trek Online, Wing Commander series, Close Combat Series, Freelancer, Eve online, Mechwarrior, Mech Commander (I have played more games than I know what to do with.  RPG, MMORPG, FRS, Strategy.  You name I have probably given it a shot.  Sci-Fi and WWII combat ops are my favorite genres.).


    While Joe is my real name, I have always been big into role playing games and I have had a number of “characters” in both Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) and World of Warcraft that went by the MacTaggert (or a variation of that name) moniker for some time.  So, “Mac” became something of a second name for me. I was born and grew up in Texas and it is still my home.  I am happily married to my wife of 11 years and continue to struggle with learning Russian (she is from Ukraine).  I have a son, aged 10 and 2 great Australian Shepherds, who are my constant co-pilots as I fly my Star Citizen missions.  We all call Austin, Texas home.

    I was always interested in games, war gamming, and anything having to do with strategy & tactics. Personnel computers hit the scene when I was in high school with Apple II hitting the market.  I was hooked.  Utlima (Lord British games) was king.  I continued my love of computer gaming from then on.  I ran my own dial up Bulletin Board Service (BBS) with my 56K modem (smoking fast).  I learned to build computers to upgrade my system, add memory, and storage capacity.  In fact, I think I have to tip my hat to Chris Roberts and his Wing Commander II game that caused me to serious learn to rework my computer to run his game. I think Falcon was the first in depth computer flight sim that I really got into.  I have even strayed over into the console world to play games with my son on xbox.


    I grew up smack dab in the middle of the Vietnam conflict.  I think that seeing some of those scenes on the TV were some of my first memories of the tube.  My father was a flight surgeon in the Air Force and was sent over to Vietnam, where he paid the ultimate sacrifice. So, the terms of Duty, Honor, Country were something that were always a part of me growing up and throughout my life.  I joined Army ROTC and found a love of tactics and strategy.  I got my commission and for the next 10 years I worked my way up the Armor ranks and got to do some interesting things. Platoon Leader, Executive Officer, Battalion S4 (Logistics), Battalion S2 (Intelligence).  I also served as a special project officer on weapon development and tactics training development. I was also assigned as a regional commander for a joint counter-drug interdiction task force, working with US Customs and other agencies. Tank Gunnery was my love and I took a lot of pride in the crews that I served with.  I was fortunate enough to have my tank crews take brigade and division top gun honors twice (once with a perfect 1000 TTVIII score).  While I missed all the major overseas engagements in the Middle East, I was able to do a deployment in 94’ that was a NATO planning exercise in case they needed to invade Bosnia.  Yeah, that kind of dates me.  Most of my time was with 3-67 AR 2nd AD and 3/112AR 49th AD.


    I attended the University of Texas on a track scholarship, specializing in the 400 Meter dash.  Yes, I was quite fast in my younger days.  I also took part in a number of interesting clubs including the UT Rifle team, Fencing, and Japanese Kendo.  I minored in History with a specialty in Ancient Roman History and a Major in Political Science.  Yeah, those have been useful skills out of college.  Oh well, got my name on a diploma and the ability to earn a living by checking the box.  I thought to enter into Law School after college and took my LSATs.  I scored high enough to get into some good law schools, but after spending years in college, I did not want to spend more years of reading books and taking classes.  Besides, the call of the Army and tanks was calling to me hard.  No regrets, there are way too many lawyers in the world and after seeing how some lawyer friends spend their time, I think I made the right call.


    I have to say that through a combination of the military, computers, and personal friendships got me into my high technology career field.  I did a number of contracting IT jobs right out of college and through my military friends lined up a job with Dell computer.  It was the fun time of the 80’s and we would watch the stock take off and split.  Well, I was not in a position to be a “Dellionaire”, but it was a good company to work for and I got to do some interesting things.  During my 16 years there I had a number of roles, from engineering, to technical sales, to product development, product marketing and finally marketing.  I helped to roll out new products around RAID controllers, Direct Attached Storage (DAS), Digital Forensics, Video Evidence Management, and developing content for Federal Tradeshows.  Now, I have the pleasure of working in the Cyber-security field and supporting Dell Technologies.  It definitely keeps me busy during the week!    

    Old Blood And Guts History:

    I heard about Star Citizen during the summer of 2016 after the serious let down of Destiny.  I was looking for a good    space sim/combat game and someone suggested Star Citizen.  Researching the topic via the internet and YouTube videos led me to the unique talents of one AndrewRall with “Old Blood & Guts”.  It certainly sounded like a organization that was para-military and had a “style” that appealed to me.  I guess that is something that we all share in common in one form or another.    It joined the organization in late fall of 2016 and took part in discussions and theory crafting meetings.  I shared my thoughts and contributed some ideas. Well, now I have the pleasure of sitting here in the “Admiralty”.

    But Mac, what does that mean?  What do you do there?  What happens when the game launches?  Good questions all.  I see myself in taking the grand vision/desire that Andrew wants to do and putting into motion.  So, when Andrew says, “Mac – today I want to take the fleet into Vanduul space for a little ‘training’.”; I get to plan out the operations, assign and coordinate the various aspects of the mission with each of the wing commanders.  So, I put the ideas into actions!  Easy!        


    ⦁    I have been building model tanks and planes; while 1/35 is my scale I have recently gotten into 1/6 figures and armor (that is the old G.I. Joe scale 12” figures for you old timers out there
    ⦁    I played professional paintball back in the day and was on a national ranked team (this is before the “speed-ball” tournaments today).
    ⦁    I love to shoot all kinds of guns and rifles (hard to break the old military habits)
    ⦁    I still do war gamming when I can.  Back in the Gencon days of the 80’s, I won several tournaments based WWII gaming systems.
    ⦁    Most of my time is spent around the computer (I can’t seem to get away from it in some form or fashion)
    ⦁    Enjoy reading Science Fiction 
    ⦁    Volunteered as a stage hand for the local theater groups
    ⦁    Played stage roles in 7 operas (non-singing roles – I have no vocal talent). I think that a memorable highlight was having to lift a 280 lbs. diva into the air during the finale.  Good times!
    ⦁    SCUBA Diving
    ⦁    I have researched one side of my family Genealogy back to the early 1600’s in Broadclyst, Devin in the United Kingdom.
    ⦁    I enjoy military history and weapon development

    As a final thought, I play for fun and I certainly enjoy winning; however, I enjoy the teamwork and comradery that comes from these games and the chance to make new friends!  Games bring us together!