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    Nefarious Jelly


    WW Division Casual Play Officer

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    War Thunder is currently my mainstay game, but the list goes forever clear back to the original Apple IIe.


    Hello, my name is Ken Reid, but most here @ OBAG call me Jelly- my work/real life nickname is “The Captain”. I currently reside in a little town at the north west corner of the contiguous 48 states called Blaine, in Washington state right on the Canadian border. We are approx. 40 minutes south of Vancouver BC, and 2 hours north of Seattle. I was raised here and am raising my family here as well.

    I’m married (Tammy) and the father of two, Brett (24) Elektra (11). We have two miniature Australian Shepherds, Tumbleweed & Cooper. We live a bit of a gypsy existence, every spring my work takes us all to Alaska for 3-5 months. So we have opted to live on a yacht for our home and not have to mow the lawn!  When time allows in the spring, we take the “house” to Alaska with us for the summer.

    Fire Service:

    While I have no Military background, I became very active as a high schooler (16 years old) with the local volunteer fire department. Eventually working my way up to acting officer/ Engineer.  I also earned an Emergency Medical Technician 3, with an IV/Airway & Defibrillator certification. I attended Bates academy for post high school fire service training, graduating with the rank of Battalion Chief of the “B” battalion. Eventually my career choice moved away the fire service, and with that, and increased demands on volunteers all good things come to an end. My time away in Alaska & family demand forced me to choose, and I had to give up the fire service.


    School of Hard Knocks and a piece of paper from someplace that I'm still paying for.


    I currently work for Ocean Beauty Seafoods in Seattle WA. I am the Assistant Maintenance Director for Alaska Operations. We are a seafood company with processing facilities in Alaska, and several distribution facilities in the western half of the US. Coming from a town deeply vested in commercial fishing, I grew up fishing for salmon and Dungeness crab in Washington State, and eventually chose a career the other side of the fence in seafood processing, purchasing raw product from the individual fisherman and bringing it to the public. I am 3rd generation Alaska machinist and I started specializing in Canning & freezing salmon. I now manage 25 machinists/specialists/apprentices. Our Facility in Bristol Bay Alaska will process up to 1 million pounds of Sockeye Salmon a day for 4 weeks every summer.  I also design and fabricate processing equipment for Ocean Beauty.  One thing about my business is it is not only a job to earn a living; it is an adventure that is never the same twice. Each year brings new challenges to the table and it’s truly a lifestyle, my entire family comes north with me, my wife and daughter love Alaska, and my son works for me directly and I hope to hand over the reins to him someday…

    Old Blood And Guts History:

    I have struggled with online gaming communities because of my Alaska Job and the amount of time that I am away. I was part of a group with Monte35 playing COD3, and he asked me to join here, we had the same discussion about, my job. We agreed to try it and haven’t looked back! My internet up there is marginal, but I have managed to stay in touch so I think we may have a winner here.


    • PC Gaming

    • All things to do with boats

    • I fly radio controlled airplanes and helicopters

    • I have a not nearly enough time in civilian aircraft

    • I find great enjoyment in teaching the younger generations’ mechanical skills.

    • I build my own computers

    • I enjoy Cad, CNC machining and 3D printing

    • Spending time outdoors fishing, sailing, riding ATV’s