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  1. Old Blood And Guts [Charity Event] Pew For A Breakthrough

    To I'll try to throw some kills on the pile. Killing to help, that's a good one?
  2. Now I have to really train for medium fighters competition
  3. Community Milestone: YouTube 200,000 Views

    That's awesome. ?
  4. Maybe we can upgrade the poo to poo with crown
  5. Yes, event was fun. Big thanks to my lovely wife for going in agro mode just after training session, and forcing on me AFK during main fights... there should be award also for this. "Mariage saver" for leaving event to deagro wife
  6. Milestone: YouTube Subs Pass 3k

    I'm happy to be part of this(at least on spiritual level), and been watching growth of this channel since its very beginning. Good job Andrew, and congrats for every of us who supported this masterpiece on youtube
  7. VS AI it's not much of a challenge real teamwork training we'll have VS real humans. But event was fun and ME WANT MORE
  8. AAR for SC Event - Attack the Starfarer on 01/08/2017

    Exact my toughs. At least we had some fun and I'm waiting forward for next SC event
  9. AAR for SC Event - Operation: Pirate Booty on 12/30/2016

    I'm very unhappy cause I can't attend to this events. It's too late for me 2 AM
  10. =BG= Discord Server Live

    Seems to be good choice, works nicely. Just need to get used to it...
  11. First T-Shirt Batch [Star Citizen]

    I've just received my T-shirt, and its awesome I will wear it proudly
  12. First T-Shirt Batch [Star Citizen]

    that's wonderful new, can't wait...
  13. Community Update: New Faces & Merger

    Welcome in this wonderful community I'm new too btw
  14. Meet The Newest Addition To The =BG= Fleet

    Can't wait to test flights...