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  1. Monday Madness - Random Steam Key Giveaway

    Congrats guys!
  2. Aww man! I hate that "Multiplayer Game That Doesn't Allow Multiplayer" bug. ? As they say: "You're killing me, smalls!" (The Sandlot)
  3. Monday Madness - Random Steam Key Giveaway

    Congrats to today's winners!
  4. Monday Madness - Random Steam Key Giveaway

    Congrats to today's winners!
  5. Awesome idea! I work with many veterans and know many more that help out with such organizations. Can't wait to hear the details!
  6. Thanks MacNCheese! I need to square away a few things and we'll have another meeting soon-ish.
  7. Game Division SC Event Name SC Division - Gold Wing meeting Event Date 02/10/2017 Event Coordinator Fireborn Who were the participants? cireepix, Kithmar, Kohana, Karlofsky, Fireborn Description of Actions Taken Acceptance of group Title, Motto, and Icon for inclusion in the new OBAG rank structure. General discussion and questions were fielded. Selection of additional commanders of the Wing. Special Recognition Thank you to Karlofsky and cireepix for stepping up to help with command! Reputations points to award per participant 10 Was the event a success? Yes
  8. Game Division SC Event Name SC Division - PvP Matchups Event Date 01/22/2017 Event Coordinator Fireborn Who were the participants? Clerec, Fireborn, Noriko, Penguin, Shaddris, Vilmalith, captkyrk Description of Actions Taken A couple rounds of Star Marine followed by less structured individual game play. Special Recognition Penguin and Vilmalith for consistently, ridiculously high kills. Reputations points to award per participant 10 Was the event a success? Yes
  9. Mac, Sure, start the forum, like we talked about, and I'll fill in some information and get that ball rolling! Thanks!
  10. We split racing and Star Marine after several people decided that racing wasn't their thing. Shaddris, Penguin and I had fun and ultimately ended up in all M50's by the end of the night. Penguin had really good times for never having raced before, but I managed to still beat him to the 'under a minute' mark on the short track! The best times for us three who were racing (pictures attached): Fireborn - 00:59:78 Penguin - 01:01:84 Shaddris - 01:05:51 And despite what the pictures show, there were several times that Penguin beat me. Just not when it counted, evidently. Haahaahaa!! Awesome job, guys!
  11. Discord troubleshooting thread

    If they still work on the laptop, it would be a desktop issue. Maybe a bad USB on the tower? If they don't work on the laptop now, it would point to the headset going out. Tough to track down bad cables though.
  12. I've had enough people trying to get Discord to work in the Star Citizen game that I think we should start this thread to give our membership a quick troubleshooting reference. Please feel free to add any additional resources you've found useful if you've fixed Discord issues related to your game. Here's what I've learned so far: Problem: Voice comms (microphone) not working when running Star Citizen. Solution 1: Exit all the way out of Discord and restart Discord as an administrator. To ensure you are all the way out of Discord, verify you no longer see the Discord icon in the System Tray (lower right corner of Windows). Right click the Discord icon in the System Tray and select 'Quit Discord'. Then set your Discord shortcut, or even the Discord application itself, to run as an administrator. To do this, locate your shortcut or application icon, right click, select 'Properties', on the Shortcut tab select 'Advanced...', and then check the 'Run as administrator' checkbox. Restart Discord and verify your microphone works in game. Note as well that you may need to set Star Citizen to run as an administrator, in a similar fashion. Solution 2: Is your push-to-talk button located on your mouse? You may have to troubleshoot the other key bindings on your mouse and remove them or just find a keyboard key to use. You may think there are no default key bindings to the side mouse buttons, but there are actually several preset actions on those extra buttons. Solution 3: Are you running Windows 10? Evidently there is a conflict between Discord and Skype (now a Microsoft product) and Windows 10 automatically has Skype running in the background. I believe MacNCheese had this issue and fixed it by shutting down the Skype application that was running in the background. https://www.reddit.com/r/discordapp/comments/42c3e9/bug_report_discordskype_conflict/ Here is the Discord support web site (though you may be better served using a web search to find problem specific solutions): https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us Please add your own issue and what the solution was or feel free to add details to any of my solutions above. Thanks!