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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. WWD Supported Games Change

    I was there every week, but attendance keep going down, until only me.
  3. Star Citizen: Community Charter

    NO DRAMA, JUST DAMAGE <- nice* *Be careful though, when you write this much [^see actual charter above] people with begin to recognize the full extent of your talents!
  4. I think it was a success. Why do you think it was not?
  5. We need additional promotion to ensure this event doesn't fall off the rails.
  6. In my case there is literally no room to go lower!
  7. I enjoyed this event but found it quite painful. Shouldn't there be an award for someone (like me) who came in last in all events?
  8. Old Blood And Guts: Red Shirt Rabble Podcast

    Great idea! It will reach a wider audience.
  9. I was there briefly then had to erase and completely reload Star Citizen - what a pain. Had a hard time getting it to run properly. Figured a complete wash and reload might fix it.
  10. Cat Attack

    Version 1.0.0


    Not just a cargo ship! At the 4 min mark, we run into a Retaliator. Give me full speed ahead. Belay that, emergency speed ahead! Ramming speed Captain!
  11. Discord troubleshooting thread

    Great info, thanks very much.
  12. Meet The Newest Addition To The =BG= Fleet

    Nice. I can't wait for the game play to be fleshed out on this unit! Nice Tribute.
  13. Minions

    Version 1.0.0


    Usual place
  14. Fall is here

    It sure is!