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  1. Announcing the merger of the SC and FPS Division

    So, Green Wing has come full circle. Good luck with that.
  2. Community Milestone: YouTube 200,000 Views

    I'm still waiting on that freaking pizza
  3. Plus Karl, you already have the Glorious Poo award.
  4. Milestone: YouTube Subs Pass 3k

    Now I'm going to unsub until I get this free pizza.
  5. I'm an Aegis guy, so most likely biased. In terms of fighter, depends what your expectations are: Gladius - fits like a glove. This is an extremely flyable and forgiving ship, if you get good you can most def take out things such as SH's. Granted it's harder now because of current SCM speeds, but use of AB evens things out. This is probably the best ship in the game right now in terms of how well and how easy it is to fly. Sabre - this ship is in a bad place right now. The shields are hopefully not working as they should, so it's much weaker than it should be. It seems to have a single S1 or S2 shield instead of 4 of them. Extremely maneuverable, not as easy to fly as the Gladius. And like all Aegis ships, sexy as hell with the Gladius probably edging it out and that's a 400+ year old design. Vanguard - this is my love. Most likely biased, I've loved this ship since its concept. It's currently the only heavy fighter in the game. Not as maneuverable as the Gladius or Sabre, but it is extremely tanky. It's also currently the only long range fighter, where as all the others are carrier based. We don't yet know how fuel and distance is going to work out. But I'm assuming, you'll be able to go A LOT further in the Vanguard without support than any of the other current fighters released. All that said, stick with one of the Hornets, preferably the SH if you want to pay for it. Loadout capability is the same as the other hornets if they all use a flashfire mount. But the SH has much more hull durability. The Hornets in general don't take much skill to fly. Though if you do get good in one, you'd be near unstoppable. Reason being, at least right now, it seems all the fighters in the game are compared against the SH. When a ship gets too good compared to a SH all the Hornet owners throw up their arms in disgust. Usually what happens after that is the ship they are flipping out over gets a nerf. This happens without any regards to said ships stated role. For instance, the Vanguard is currently the only heavy fighter in the game. With the buff to the MVSA's it's actually really filling that role now. But, since SH owners take longer than whatever their predetermined speed is to kill it they are yelling. Because of this, many people think the MVSA's are going to be put back to their 2.5 damage values.
  6. Discord troubleshooting thread

    The run as admin from the Advanced button may not have the desired result for everyone. That option runs it as a type of elevated user rather than a true admin. If you still have issues doing it that way, you can try going back in and unchecking the run as admin option there. Then go to the compatibility tab and select the run as admin option at the bottom of the window instead. For extra assurance you can click the Change for all user's button.
  7. Discord troubleshooting thread

    If you are using an adblocker/malware blocker either on your system or router or firewall you may need to add discordapp.com as an exception. There are some lists, like malc0de, that auto add domains based on transient connections. I also had tons of issues with Discord initially. I run ad/malware blocking and IP blocking on my router so couldn't connect with any device at my house. Ran a grep on the router and discovered discordapp.com was being blocked by a number of lists. Added it as an exception and I've been golden ever since. If both the app and the website don't work for you, chances are very high it is something on your end blocking it.