Old Blood And Guts: Community Meeting

When:   July 1st, 2017 | 12:00PM - 12:30PM EDT

Where:  Discord Meeting Channel

Why:     Monthly Event

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  1. I'm down with it. Been perfectin' my console-based-twitch-kill skillz with the numerous Call of Doody games handy, so I'll be good to hook when I'm back home at Ft. Living Room.
  2. Apologies for having to go sooner than I'd have liked to. Great fun as always and really dug the turnout. Thanks for the work to put this all together.
  3. Beer too? How 'bout some wings?
  4. If I can't fly my aerial petrol bomb and smoke at the same time, then the terrorists have won. I will not yield to such things as "safety" or "common sense!" Pshaw!
  5. I'd have done better if my planes weren't so combustable...who knew that hauling all that extra fuel, road flares, and napalm was a bad idea? I sure as hell didn't.
  6. Thanks, IronSage!