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  1. War Thunder Competition Squadron

    Please get this date on the calendar. Thanks!
  2. War Thunder Competition Squadron

    1 hour ago, Amadeauss said: I'm interested in joining for tanks, planes, or both.
  3. War Thunder Competition Squadron

    On 5/26/2017 at 10:03 PM, Mutterfudder said: NICE! Are we doing tanks as well?
  4. War Thunder Competition Squadron

    BHaek - We will be holding a interest meeting in the coming week or so, look for more information then. So far we are in the skeletal stages of the organization.
  5. Are you looking to train with and fly with a Squadron? Would you be willing to work as a team, respect your fellow OBAG team mates and hold to a schedule? Would you be willing to learn from others, give advice and help other members of Old Blood and Guts improve and advance in the game? Well then, squadrons would be a good fit! A squadron will be a team of determined members who meet on a regular basis in an organized format, learning to work together, helping develop tactics and motivate one another. OBAG squadrons will train with each other, from time to time train with guest squadrons with the hope that sometime in the future the Squadron develops into a competitive team of players. So if this appeals to you, let The Baron or Rexx_Havokk know or attend the Squadron Online meeting, the date soon to be released, so you can learn more and get placed into a OBAG Squadron, and begin a new phase to your gaming.
  6. World War Division Roster

    CORRECTED: WWD member roster updated.
  7. World War Division Roster

    WWD member roster updated.
  8. World War Division Roster

    WWD member roster updated.
  9. WWD Supported Games Change

    The WWD will no longer support Rise Of Flight and World of Warships. This decision was made based on lack of member's support. We still encourage our members who do play these games to continue. We will maintain a WoWS Discord voice channel under the WWD section.
  10. World War Division Roster

    WWD member roster updated.
  11. Changes To The War Thunder Division

    It's good o hear from you! Hope to see you back soon.
  12. You will also learn how to play better and if your lucky you'll get a history lesson.
  13. Game Division WW Event Name Warship Wednesdays Event Date 03/01/2017 Event Coordinator Monte35 Who were the participants? LilJohn21, Thestral, Karlofsky, Monte35, Spear_of_Adun, TheBaron0001, Baillian(Friend of Monte) Description of Actions Taken All attendees broke up into divisions. Special Recognition All who attended. Reputations points to award per participant 10 Was the event a success? Yes
  14. All attendees received 10 reputation points.
  15. All attendees received 10 reputation points.