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  1. War Thunder Competition Squadron

    I've come up with a strategy for our squad
  2. War Thunder Competition Squadron

    Not sure what they'll use as a criteria. Here's a (very) rough idea of where OBAG stands statistically. Yes, this isn't the best and most complete stat set out there, but it's one that's easy to find. Looks like we're a bit below average in AB, close to average in RB. http://thunderskill.com/en/squad/[OBAG]
  3. War Thunder Competition Squadron

    Schedule for me is a bit erratic as well. And I'm nowhere skilled enough to be a squad leader. A meat shield maybe. And I'm almost exclusively a tanker.
  4. WWD Supported Games Change

    I must have dropped in at the wrong times. I never saw anyone, so I left that room and went and played WT. But I haven't had much time to play in the last few weeks. And even when I could play, it was play one match, go check on the dogs, play a match, go check on the dogs, rinse, repeat. So I wouldn't have done a squad any good anyway.
  5. WWD Supported Games Change

    Yeah, I went in there a couple times for "Warship Wednesday" and I was the only one there. Pity, as WoWS is far better than what I've seen of the WT boats. Would have like to have squadded up because I mostly suck at WoWS. Still waiting for them to put the Texas on sale though.
  6. Sorry I missed the meeting, but we had some work going on around here. But I'd be happy to take part. Both my dad and father in law were vets.
  7. And I get the award for the most dramatic crash off-airport that still resulted in a repair. I want a tee shirt that says "I augured into the ground a half click from the runway and all I got was this lousy repair!"
  8. I didn't even see it on the calendar. That's one reason I didn't log on when I got home. Didn't even know it was happening. Then again, at times I live in a state of oblivion, so perhaps I missed it.
  9. And flying with all that and a lit stogie didn't help either.
  10. Woo hoo! I win an award. But after you ended up scoring 8 you were all beating your chest and bragging, challenging anyone to try to beat that. At least I could rise to the challenge.