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  1. Steam Name (in game) SSTG.Ghostzz Age (in years) 19 Time Zone Eastern Time Primary Language English Addition Spoken Languages none Please list ALL of the prior Gaming Organizations/Communities you have been a member of or affiliated with Just my organization Are you currently a member of another organization? No Please list the reasons you left your previous organizations. none Please select the amount of time that you can play the game associated with your requested division 3 or more hours per day Let us know what you would think you would enjoy most, as we are always looking for specialists in a set kind of role. I enjoy playing survival games and realistic shooters Are you current or prior service or Active, Reserve, or National Guard with your nations military? No Are you currently or have you ever been a first responder (Police/Fire/Medic) No Please tell us a little about yourself like hobbies and your type of employment, anything you think may be relevant to know: My name is Rudolph Cooper am 6"8 and I love to play basketball and do airsoft and am a part time painter. How did you hear about us. What brought you to Old Blood and Guts? I was a member but I wasn't active because I sold my pc now I have a new one and I will be more active than ever. Finally, do you agree to read and follow the rules of our organization? Yes