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  1. Okay for some reason it didn't populate your response until today, because I was checking it almost everyday. I will get on Discord tonight.
  2. RSI Moniker/Nickname (in game) RSI Spitzname/Nickname (in game) Ronan_Vector/ Ronan Vector Age in years Dein Physiches Alter 32 Your Time Zone Deine Zeitzone Eastern Primary Language Primäre Sprache English Addition Spoken Languages Zusätzlich gesprochene Sprachen Persian Farsi, Spanish Please list ALL of the prior Gaming Organizations/Communities you have been a member of or affiliated with Liste bitte ALLE vorherigen Organisationen auf, bei denen du Mitglied warst Planetside 1 and 2, Star Wars Galaxies, SWOTR, WOW, and other FPS games Are you currently a member of another organization? Bist du derzeit Mitglied bei einer anderen Organisation? No (Nein) Please list the reasons you left your previous organizations. Liste bitte die Gründe deines Verlassens der früheren Organisationen Not enough organization but also took some stuff way to seriously in games. Please select the amount of time that you can play the game associated with your requested division. Wähle bitte, welche Aussage für dich zutrifft „Ich habe _________ Zeit zum Spielen. 1 to 2 hours per day<br>1 bis 2 Stunden am Tag How do you see yourself in Star Citizen? What do you most want to do? Wie siehst du dich selbst in Star Citizen? Was möchtest du am liebsten machen? I see myself as a hybrid between a pilot and and fps assaulter. What is your favorite Ship? Was ist dein lieblings Schiff? Vanguard Let us know what you would think you would enjoy most, as we are always looking for specialists in a set kind of role. Lass uns wissen, was dir am meisten Spaß machen würde. Wir sind immer auf der Suche nach Spezialisten für bestimmte Rollen. Probably lightning fast drops and assaults with vanguard hoplites or prowlers on facilties or other ships. I want to be a pilot in dogfights buy also be apart of boarding actions and assaults. Are you current or prior service or Active, Reserve, or National Guard with your nations military? Bist oder warst du beim Militär oder Reserve? Yes (Ja) Are you currently or have you ever been a first responder (Police/Fire/Medic) Bist du oder warst du bei bei Sicherheits/Notdiensten Polizei/Feuerwehr/Sanitäter usw? No (Nein Please tell us a little about yourself like hobbies and your type of employment, anything you think may be relevant to know: Erzähl etwas über dich selbst, deine Hobbies, Arbeit usw. alles was du für relevant hällst: I am a active member of the US Military. I am a member of the US. Army Special Forces. I am a MFFJM (Military Free fall Jump master). My specialty in the Special Forces has been covert insertions and assaults. I am also in the process of possibly switching jobs to become a U.S. Army Rotary Wing Pilot. My hobbies are MMA, skydiving, real estate investor, Polo, soccer How did you hear about us. What brought you to Old Blood and Guts? Wie hast du von uns erfahren. Was hat dich zu uns gebracht? I came across your videos while listening to other youtubers discuss Star Citizen. Finally, do you agree to read and follow the rules of our organization? Zum Abschluss, stimmst du zu, unsere Regeln gelesen zu haben und ihnen zu folgen? Yes (Ja)