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    Blue Wing XO

    Games Played:

    Star Citizen, various Steam games. Generally down for anything except League of Legends or MOBAs like it (Overwatch is OK).


    My name's Oscar, and I'm a pretty massive nerd. I currently live in London, UK, where I was born and raised. I have no pets or companions, though my family's owned over 20 cats in my 24 years on this Earth, and I plan to continue that trend once I've found a place to settle down. My earliest memories of gaming were 'playing' Myst as a very young lad. I say 'playing' because I'm fairly sure I never progressed beyond the one screen I found myself on when I sat down. I also fondly recall The Neverhood. Looking back on it now, having been exposed to that so early explains some of my weirdness.


    SA80-A1.jpgThough brief and uneventful, I learned a lot as a member of the Officers' Training Corps at my university - essentially it's cadets (similar to ROTC) except sans the obligation to join up at the end of your degree. The main skills I learned to a decent level were: survival, communication, reconnaissance/stealth, first aid, and to the greatest extent of all, weapons handling and marksmanship. At the peak of my skills I was the 20th best shot over a series of Operational Combat Shoots in the Territorial Army (the Reserve arm of the Royal Army). It's worth noting that any units that were deployed did not take part, so take that ranking with a pinch of salt.


    I have a bachelors degree in Philosophy, PGCE(teaching qualification) in Secondary Mathematics and working towards a Masters degree. I was never a grade A student, but I did reasonably well at secondary school.


    And thus, the main reason that I was never a grade A student at school. I've been gaming since I could hold a mouse/controller. And that's close to 20 years now. Suffice to say that I've played virtually every genre known to man, and have refined my tastes to the point that now, very few games can capture my attention for more than a few hours. A curse, I promise you, rather than a blessing. The peak of my gaming career was during my university years, during which I played League of Legends at least 8 hours a day. I did manage to reach the point where I could earn some money playing in tournaments, but not enough to give up everything else and game full time. Then I finished my course and real life happened. And now I can't touch that game.

    Old Blood And Guts History:

    I joined not too long ago, and proved my worth as a pilot of the Gladius, Superhornet and Sabre. I haven't had an opportunity to prove my worth again in the Glaive, but soon(tm), you will all see... Seriously though, a while ago Shaddris asked me to be his XO and I agreed, and here I am for better or worse. If anyone wants to duel, hit me up. I'm always down to test new blood. :)  


    ⦁    Gaming (obviously).
    ⦁    DnD (told ya, massive nerd).
    ⦁    Shooting. 
    ⦁    Theorycrafting.
    ⦁    Creative Writing.